The Science Of Fit! 75 Common Fitness Questions Answered

 OK so maybe not so much science, however 27 years of experience allows for some true insight.

1) Will performing cardio several times per week slow my gains?
2) Will doing yoga slow my gains?
3) Will I lose a lot of muscle if I take a week off from training?
4) Is there a magical rep range?
5) Is there a magical workout routine?
6) Do I need the bench pressto build my chest?
7) Is the PCF ratio (Protein/Carbs/Fat) 40-40-20 the only way to go?
8) Will eating carbs at night make me fat?
9) Do I need to frequently deload if I feel fine?
10) Is the Smith machine just as good as a barbell?
11) Is squatting with good form still bad for your knees?
12) Is deadlifting with proper form still bad for your back?
13) Do you need to deadlift to build a huge back?
14) Do you need to squat to build huge legs?
15) Great, then it's ok to completely avoid squats and deadlifts for ever and ever?
16) Do I need a loading period when using creatine?
17) Do I need to eat every 2.5-3 hours?
18) If my post workout meal is sub-par, will I lose my gains for the day?
19) Will having frequent sex limit my gains?
20) Do I need to eat all clean foods?
21) Is there a black and white answer to all muscle building questions?
22) Should I completely avoid lifting straps?
23) Do I need elaborate body part splits?
24) Do I need to train more than 4 days per week?
25) Does protein intake damage your kidneys if they are currently healthy?
26) Does weight training stunt your growth?
27) Can I add another chest training day to "program X"?
28) Can I add another biceps training day to "program Y"?
29) Will doing a lot of ab work give me a six pack?
30) Do I need to count every gram of protein, carbs and fat each day?
31) If I can't sleep 8 hours per day will I be unable to gain?
32) Do I need to train for the pump to make gains?
33) Do I need to train like Mr Olympia to make gains?
34) Do I need to volume train to make gains?
35) I heard that full body workouts are useless. Is that true?
36) Should I use the magazine workouts of top magazine stars?
37) Is P90X magical?
38) Are fat burners magical?
39) Are supplements magical?
40) Is Cross Fit magical?
41) So and so says frequent feeding is useless. Is that true?
42) So and so says intermittent fasting is useless. Is that true?
43) If I eat more than 40 grams of protein per sitting does it go to waste?
44) Will whey protein powder make me fat?
45) Is "eating healthy" good enough when trying to build muscle?
46) Do all pre workout drinks have the same ingredients?
47) Do I need to train to failure on every set?
48) Can I get as big as a mass monster pro bodybuilder without steroids?
49) I am 5'9" and weigh 260 pounds. My mom's scale says my body fat percentage is 12%. Is this correct?
50) Can I gain 40 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks?
51) My bench press has "only" went up 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Is this a plateau?
52) Do I need to worry about TUT - time under tension?
53) Can I get big without adding much strength?
54) Should I curl in the squat rack?
55) Will a beard really help my lift totals?
56) Is there a secret fat burning routine?
57) Should I make up my own workouts from scratch if I've never made gains?
58) Will women look like a bodybuilder if they train with resistance?
59) Does eating fat make you fat?
60) When I decide to cut, do I immediately need to add a ton of cardio?
61) I heard I should never train when I am sore. Is this correct?
62) The 1-5 rep range doesn't build muscle, correct?
63) High rep sets can't build muscle, correct?
64) Should I deload every time I have a bad training day?
65) Do I need to change routine every 8 weeks?
66) If I train over 60 minutes will I lose all my gains?
67) Do I need slow negatives to build muscle?
68) I was told I can't build muscle with machines. Is this correct?
69) Is creatine a steroid?
70) Does every Youtube form video really teach proper form?
71) Will high reps give me muscle definition?
72) Should I train differently when I am cutting?
73) Should I do cardio before I lift weights?
74) Will I burn muscle doing sprints?
75) Can I look like Mr. Olympia without drugs?

The Answer:

No and in some cases HELL NO!  MS-