Body Building 101

What people commonly refer to as the biceps are actually two distinct muscles: the biceps brachii and the brachialis. Both muscles run along the front of the upper arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. The biceps brachii is responsible for the ball-like "head" on your biceps; the brachalis is the larger of the two, located underneath the biceps brachii. Both muscles that make up the biceps help flex your elbow. In addition, the biceps brachii helps to supinate your forearm.

Everyone has trained them in hopes of shaping, toning and building bigger biceps. Here is a tactic I employ to build bigger, stronger biceps. Listen most of you if not all of you can not curl your body weight, so the weight your using to train your arms curling will never stress and build your biceps the way simple chin ups will. How you ask? Almost everyone can do a chin up, your body weight. so say you are a female who weighs 120 pounds. I am sure you are not doing one arm dumbbell curls with 60 lbs, right? However by pulling your body weight with the chin up you stress your biceps more than with the dumbbells with all 120 pounds of your body weight.If we re visit basic "body building 101" you know stress on the body = a bigger stronger muscle.( with proper rest & nutrition )

woman will benefit by shaping long, lean & sexy arms. Remember woman do not produce testosterone, the hormone responsible for large muscles. So ladies don't use the "I don't want to get big muscles" excuse. You simple won't, you can't. So learn to chin and the results will amaze you, I promise.

Men will benefit by getting stronger and ultimately build a bigger sleeve popping bicep. So use this great training technique, add it in addition to your current arm training program and watch em grow