Ten years ago today,I retired from Professional boxing

On my way home from the gym this morning I realized it was today Feb 21, 1998 I called it quits after years in both amature and professional boxing. Ten years ago tonight I fought an undefeated lightweight Eric Green at the world famous Blue horizon steeped in boxing history Philadelphia.I didn't train for the fight to be honest. I took the fight on short notice for the payday and was easily out classed. It was on my drive home I realized the years of sparring, training and traveling were taking its toll. I also came to realize something I refused to ever let creep into my mind. I had come as far as my abilities would allow. I was no Delahoya and maybe it was time to move on. So I did just that, with no regrets and a boat load of awesome memories and great friendships.

So today I have to say thanks to The Howell NJ boxing club, Sunny Mistretta, Rudy Lopez, Larry Holmes Boxing center, ( thanks to Larry Holmes Stitching me up after a brutal fight, the scar never has gone away) world champion Arron "the Hawk" Pryor, Welterweight world champ Ras I Bramble for the endless rounds of sparring, Carl speigelmyer, Sal Lopez, Franky Savanna, Art Bayliss, Luis Melendez and World Champion Jeff "thunder from down under" Fenech. Your support, friendships and encouragement will never be forgotten. I will leave with this, at 37 I am stronger, faster, in better shape and smarter about training and nutrition then I was back then. I truly believe Today I would be a better fighter then back then. So Never say never.