Heart, Desire, heart, desire. What makes a man wake up at awful hours of the am to run hills in the cold? Ambition? Does everyone desire to be better? Goals! Why do I set such lofty ones? Why is it I truly believe that I will achieve all of them but some close to me second guess my desire?
These thoughts bounced around inside my head, over and over. I believe I was answering myself when I was suddenly interrupted by a single distant voice. A woman's voice...she sounded mad! Very mad. I could hear her above many other voices, Repeating the same words again and again. I strained to try and make out what the hell this woman was repeating over and again! man was she just pissed!
My vision began to clear from that one good shot I just took as did my hearing all at once. I realized the voice was coming from behind me. The words she was yelling were clear "kill him", "kill him". As for me, well I was backed into a corner and I was the one she wanted killed. The man in front of me was trying his best to do just that! Now completely out of my trance like state were I was alone with my thoughts, I was back to reality, first round of the State Golden Gloves semi finals and I was fighting for a shot at the golden gloves champ Rudy Walby.
When the bell rang my opponent rushed me to a corner and proceeded to unload a tremendous amount of punches. One good one caught me and I suppose that's about the time I drifted off into my own world. He must of thought I was hurt and close to being stopped. Little did he understand...Heart and desire were about to introduce themselves.
I train too hard and refuse to let any man beat me in the ring. That was my second to last fight as an amature, I knocked this man out seconds later ( To shut his wife up from all that yelling. ) and earned that shot at Rudy Walby for the State golden gloves championship. It wasn't long after that I began my professional career. These memories came flooding back to me today as I entered week four of training to get back in the professional boxing game for one last crack at it. At thirty seven most are asking me why? I have a great career, I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a great home and a real good life. So why? they ask me. Well.....Heart and desire of course.