The structure of your training program is vital to building lean muscle tissue, burning more calories, and losing body fat. High intensity group training allows for two very crucial components to be satisfied in your quest for a lean, muscular, fit body. Building muscle and burning fat! The concept of this is simple in explanation yet very difficult in execution.
My H.I.G.T program requires you to stick with some key elements that can not be changed. Two exercises of different muscle groups performed in a super-set fashion to complete one set. Little to almost zero rest between sets with max rest periods being no more than thirty seconds. You never lift lighter weights, you only strive to lift heavier loads each set.
High intensity group training means doing the prescribed exercises as fast and as heavy as you can. Training this way does a host of positive things to your body. One important reaction is the activation of fast twitch muscle fibers that are metabolically less efficient. They use more calories than type 1 fibers because more are recruited to lift heavier loads explosively.
Using minimal rest intervals between sets increases growth hormone and adrenaline levels into the stratosphere. Doing so in return increases the amount of calories burned during each set. Muscle is one of the most metabolically active tissues in the body. What all this means is simple, training this way forces you to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning all day. Importantly, muscle is denser than fat so your body looks lean and fit.