Brain-power is vitally important. After all, our brain dictates how we feel and consequently it has an impact on our motivational state and subsequent training intensity levels. Weight and aerobic training hold significant benefits in terms of mental well-being and intellectual acuity. The brain is responsible for the processes underpinning many of our day to day actions, from completing a set of bench presses to planning one's training program.
It is important, therefore, to keep our brain in great shape to get the most out of our training. Furthermore, brain health and training seem to be symbiotically related in that daily exercise appears to be one of the best methods of enhancing brain health and adequate brain health ensures that we are better able to train.
Indeed, exercise has been shown to improve psychological well-being, memory, and learning through many different processes. From a bodybuilding perspective, improvements in brain health can enhance concentration, motivation, memory, emotions and reflexes - all essential for an optimal training experience, and greater quality of life overall.