Fitness and a fierce passion to win helps good old boy Nicky Hayden stay in the chase for MotoGP supremacy

Getting Fit for GP
The physical demands on MotoGP riders are immense, though often under appreciated. "Stick and ball athletes don't really think of us as athletes, which is a shame," says pro Nicky Hayden. To stay track fit, Hayden has worked with personal trainer Aldon Baker. Here's his program:
"You can't be some big beefcake guy, that'll just slow your acceleration down," says Hayden. Baker's program has him doing a mix of cardio every day. The workouts involve a mix of endurance and high-intensity running and cycling. Nicky has a stationary bike set up in his garage.

"Nicky needs more flexibility because he's gotta stay in a weird position for the race," says Baker. An added benefit of the yoga is that it helps Hayden control his breathing, which is important for staying relaxed on the track.

Hayden is in the gym approximately three times a week. "I'm all about doing combination exercises," says Baker, who favors stepups with dumbbells instead of squats and adding leg curls to a stability-ball bridge.