The truth about arm training

My rule on arm training goes against the standard practices and advice given my most trainers. Barbell curls as well as dumbbell curls certainly have a place in every ones routine, however to build strong well defined biceps I am certain most of you are leaving the most crucial bicep builder out of your current routine.

Chins! That's right the good old fashion chin-up will build a bigger stronger bicep than dumbbells and barbells alone. How you ask? Basic science tells us muscle grows with resistance, we all know it but few people in the gym and even athletes fully understand this. Truth is most trainers taking your money giving you advice don't.

Resistance & intensity are two keys when it comes to building lean muscle tissue and burning fat. Most of you, no just about all of you can not curl your body weight. But most of you can chin your body weight. I way 165 pounds. I can chin multiple times for multiple sets. However I can only curl 55 pound dumbbells and maybe 130 pounds with a barbell curl. So you see more resistance 165 pounds with a chin up will tax my biceps and force growth and functional strength much more than curling 55pd dumbbells.

If you cant perform 10 chin ups you have no business doing arm curls. learn to chin and do pull-ups, these basic exercises are some of the best going. You will reap the rewards.