Glutamine is a rock-solid choice for workout recovery, muscle growth and a stronger immune system.

guest model: farleybasset

After a weightlifting session, one of your first concerns should be recovery. The faster you can recover, the faster your muscles can start the growth process. Glutamine is, hands down, one of the best supplements on the market today for aiding recovery.

In a study presented at the 2004 American College of Sports Medicine national conference, male subjects underwent an exhaustive training session and then took either glutamine or a placebo for six days. After six days, each subject had his power measured and then performed the same exhaustive training session. Subjects who received the glutamine supplements experienced no drop-off in power from the first to the sixth day. The placebo group was found to have a decrease in power after six days, indicating their muscles were not fully recovered. Additionally, the glutamine group was able to train longer before becoming exhausted on the last day compared to the first, but the placebo group showed no improvement.

The lesson? Taking glutamine supplements between training sessions may help speed recovery so you can start growing faster and get back into the gym quickly.