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Full body fitness, lean & muscular for life.

Lean, muscular and fit. For life!
Full body fitness series..

Train at a quicker pace, and pack on serious size in less time

After years of creating fitness training programs for athletes, fighters and regular Joes, I’ve learned this important fact: The best workouts involve a combination of heavy weights and fast, powerful multi joint exercises, with little (max 30 sec) to no rest between sets.

With my H.I.G.T ( high intensity group training ) routine, you’ll immediately follow intense iron work with explosive exercises like pushups, dips, pull ups and chins. By combining two and up to four exercises in a back-to-back sequence. You will improve your overall athleticism, and speed the fat-burning process.

My favorite result of this training style….never again will you have to do long boring, ineffective steady state cardio ( treadmill, jogging, stair stepper) to achieve ultimate cardio vascular fitness. Use my H.I.G.T to help chisel a leaner and more muscular body in just one month.

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