Andrew writes.....

"I have recently noticed that I am getting out of shape due to my lack of time at the gym and cardio. I want to be able to return my body to its lean athletic state but I am always having the issue of TIME. I am an intern for a hedge fund, undergrad student and wait tables on the weekend so my time is stretched very thinly. I have a hard time going to the gym because I feel that if I don’t dedicate my 2 hours to the gym then I am not getting results, therefore I don’t go. This mentality of mine is garbage and I think I just need to be educated on how to have a quick cardio intensive workout that will build muscle mass but create a lean body".

I currently TRY to do-
Mon- Chest 5 exercises at 3 sets of 12 and Trics 3 exercises at 3 sets of 12
Tues- Back 6 exercises at 3 sets of 12 and Bis 3 exercises at 3 sets of 12
Wed – Legs 8 exercises at 3 sets of 15 and Abs (burnouts)
Thurs – Shoulders 4 exercises at 3 sets of 12
Friday – Bis and Tris 6 exercises total at 3 sets of 12

I run cardio for 30 mins after each workout. My cardio consists of a job that goes up .5 mph every 2 mins until max of 6 mph and then reduced .5mph every 2 mins until time up. I don’t know if this is effective…. I heard that sprints or a latter run will increase the shredding process… any ideas?

Is this beneficial or does it need to be tweaked?

I think a blog post on effective cardio based workouts and a how to would be beneficial, especially for people like me who are always pressed for time and can only spend an hour and fifteen mins to and hour and a half at the gym.

I look forward to your response!

ANSWER: Great question one I get asked often, truth is two hours is counter productive to reaching your fitness goals. If you add another 30 minutes of cardio you simply are sending cortisol levels through the roof and your body begins to burn muscle for energy! Ouch, that is the last thing you need to build a lean ripped body. Andrew you can build a fitness model's body with as little as 45 minutes 5 times a week. If you can't get your workout done in 45 minutes you need to check your intensity levels.

As for cardio I don't feel it is the key to building a lean, hard, musclular body. I do very little, what I do is eat clean foods at the correct times and I train with weights using a variety of workouts and training principles all right here on my site. (Search H.I.G.T) Cardio is overrated when it comes to getting in shape. Build muscle Andrew, this in turn keeps your metabolism in check. The more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. The more cardio you do the more muscle you burn the less efficient your metabolism, understand? cardio has its place but my suggestion maybe 20 min at the end of three workouts max a week. So my suggestion ease up on all that cardio.

As for your workout,its kinda cookie cutter. If you train chest then triceps, you can never train your tri's heavy because they are tired from the chest workout, if your training heavy. Simply put heavy weights build beautiful bodies- try a push pull workout EX DAY 1. Chest push abs
2. Back pull
3. legs hams & quads push & pull
4. shoulders push abs
5. Arms push & pull

Train using heavy weights relevant to your strength levels, go heavy and fast. 30 second rest between sets, try 3 sets pick 5-8 exercises per body part experiment with rep ranges each week. 4-6, 12, 10, 8 & 4-12. be creative and remember to have fun. Remember 45 min in/out. Eat good foods, get protien every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs, try a few supplements like creatine & beta alanine.

Lastly don't blame your schedule on your current state of fitness, this my friend falls on deaf ears. I spent most of my adult working life traveling & working unusual hours and schedules. I have a home a wife and the same responsibilities as do most. However no matter what my fitness is like a bill, you simply just pay it. look my wife is a graduate student in a Phd. program (last year) she also has private clients and travels. She works 12 hr days, she still finds time for her health & fitness. She has chosen to just pay the bill, to make it a priority.