Why Is Squatting The King Of Exercises?

Move over leg press; move over leg extensions, want massive thighs & ripped abs? You got to squat!

Why Is Squatting The King Of Exercises?

Most leg exercises target one or two particular muscles in the upper leg. Leg extensions for example, isolate the quads, specifically the vastus medialis - the innermost head of the quad muscle. Leg curls isolate the hamstrings. Leg presses are great, but full range of motion and tempo are often sacrificed in favor of a 10-plates-a-side mentality.

I see most people lower the leg press a couple of inches before ramming it back, placing extreme stress on the knees and never getting the most out of the exercise. Squats tax all the muscles in the legs - quads, hams, glutes, even calves. They also strengthen the hips and lower back, which help prevent injury.

Will It Help Me Get develop abs?

For those trying to get shredded, there are 3 keys to remember - cardio, diet, and maintaining fat-burning muscle. Think about it. The legs hold almost half the body's musculature. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when you're resting. It's true that other leg exercises will build muscle in the legs, but the squat holds the trump card because it works the entire body. Squatting has long been associated as a total body exercise. Squats I have found in my 24 years of training are hands down the best exercise to develop abdominal's. Look my friends I don't care how many fancy ab exercises your doing, none of them force the abdominal wall to contract like a heavy set of squats. Think outside the box and stay away from those ab info-mercials!!!! When you squat, your entire upper body is working to stabilize the weight. The muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs all work in the movement. While squatting won't give you huge arms, it is a great exercise that develops strength, stability and endurance while working the cardiovascular system as well. Therefore, it speeds up the body's metabolism.

Fit tip- Superset squats with pull ups for a heart rate kick in the ass!