A New Year, A New You! Preparation & Planning Begins Today....

Weekly training routine to start your next phase of "Your Best Body Ever"

Note: 60-90 seconds rest period in between all sets/exercises

Day 1: Back/Chest/Biceps/Calves

Seated Reverse Close Grip Lat Pulldown 4×13-15
Flat Bench DB Press 4×13-15
Single Arm Cable Curls 4×13-15
Seated Calf Raises 4×13-15

Day 2: Shoulders/Legs/Abs

Smith Machine Shoulder Press 4×13-15
Reverse Single Arm Pulldowns (from across the body) 4×13-15
Single Leg Press 4×13-15
Hanging Straight Leg Lifts 4×13-15

Day 3: Chest/Back/Biceps/Calves

Weighted Pushups (45lb weight on back) 4×10-12
Single Arm Cable Rows 4×10-12
Reverse Grip Bar Curls 4×10-12
Single Leg Standing Calf Raises 4×10-12

Day 4: Legs/Shoulders/Abs/Triceps

Quad Extensions 4×10-12
Arnold Presses 4×10-12
Decline Bench Sit-ups 4×10-12
Cable Tricep Pushdowns 4×10-12

Day 5: Back/Chest/Biceps/Calves

Bent Over Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 4×8-10
Incline Dumbbell Press 4×8-10
Straight Bar Curls 4×8-10
Calf Raises 4×8-10

Day 6: Back/Core/Abs

Deadlifts 4×8-10
Single Arm Cable Raises (from side to in front) 4×8-10
Leaned Over Cable Rope Extensions 4×8-10
Wipers (to failure) 4×8-10

Sample of daily nutrition- Be creative this is just a guideline, see the choices for each macronutrient below. Live Fit, Be Fit, Live Shredded in 2012. Good Luck!

Meal 1: Whole Wheat Toast, 6 Eggs 1 whole egg ,5 egg whites with 1 low fat string cheese melted.
Meal 2: Whey protein/casein shake
Meal 3: Chicken Breast, greek Yogurt, Apple or Banana, String Cheese
Meal 4: Protein Shake
Meal 5: Pasta, 10 oz. of Meat (e.g. Chicken, Fish, Turkey, etc.) and Vegetables (Broccoli, Asparagus, etc.)
Meal 6: Protein Bar, Chicken and 4-5 Eggs (scrambled or fried)
Meal 7: Casein Protein Shake

What are the best sources for each nutrient group?

Protein – chicken breast, lean beef, oily fish, egg whites, protein powders.

Complex carbohydrates – wholegrain pasta, wholegrain rice, oats, sweet potato.

Healthy fats – nuts, natural nut butter, egg yolks, sees, flaxseed oil.