Rich Fit /Fit to lose weight not muscle. Here's how....

You get all of your daily calories from either fats, proteins, or carbs. The body needs all of these to function properly and when one of them is absent you’re going to crave it like there’s no tomorrow! In the ideal diet, you can incorporate all 3 three of the macros while shredding fat and hanging onto muscle mass.

Protein should be the constant. Get about 40 grams (25 for women) every 2- 3 hours that your awake. For fats and carbs, don't mix them in the same meal. You need both but when having them together you increase the chance of storing body fat. Eat all carbs in 3 meals, breakfast, pre workout, and post workout. Guys take about 50 grams in each meal and ladies get 30. In all other meals add good fats. I use flax seed. Take spoonful of flax down with the 40 grams of protein.

The number one reason why people stray from their diet plan is that the good food they know they should be eating isn’t immediately available and when they find themselves starving in the middle of the afternoon they turn to a quick fix and shove down the first thing they can get their hands on. Often you’ll find that you may be craving a cheeseburger and ice cream but once you’ve eaten that healthy, scheduled meal that craving goes away.

You must have meals planned and prepared before leaving the house for the day. Know exactly what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it and stick to the plan. This means making a habit of cooking all food, getting them into individual containers and taking them with you.
Whatever you do, if you screw up and have an unplanned cheat meal or miss meal, get right back on track with the next meal.

Low-Carb Depletion Day:

7 a.m.: 2 scoops whey

10 a.m.: 6 egg whites with lean beef or chicken

12 noon: 8 ounces chicken breast, handful almonds

3 p.m.: (preworkout) 2 scoops whey

4:30 p.m.: 2 scoops whey

5 p.m.: 1 can low-oil tuna, lettuce

8 p.m.: 6 ounces lean steak, 6 stalks asparagus

10 p.m.: 5 hardboiled egg whites

Higher-Carb Day:

7 a.m.: 1 cup oatmeal with 2 scoops whey

10 a.m.: 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 1 piece wheat toast

12 noon: 6 ounces chicken breast, 1 piece fruit

2 p.m.: (preworkout) 1 scoop whey, 1 medium sweet potato

4 p.m.: (postworkout) 2 scoops whey, 12 ounces Gatorade

6 p.m.: 1 can tuna, 2 stalks celery

9 p.m.: 6 ounces lean steak, lettuce, green beans or other green vegetable