Introducing PK Fitnessforlife ...

 Today Guest writer & model PK Fitnessforlife.
Facebook Sensation & inspiration to many, spreading her daily dose of self worth, kindness towards others and achieving personal empowerment through health/fitness of both body and mind. ABFITT would like to introduce you to Kimmie PK Fitnessforlife. Enjoy and be inspired!

Mother to her 8 year old Little Boy & lifelong resident of Western Massachusetts (born in 1967)
upon overcoming an abusive marriage (6 years ago) sought personal empowerment in the gym and developing a personal mental conditioning strategy that is offered to clients through her PK Fitnessforlife program
PK:   Optimum health and fitness is only achieved when every aspect of who (mind & body) you are, is called into play and exercised.  There is not much point in buffing the chasse and shining the wheels of that high performance sports car if you later fill it with inferior fuel and park it in a land mine field.  Far too many people work tirelessly on building there muscles yet undermine their efforts with hyper-self criticism.  Have you ever talked with someone at the Gym who shares their frustration at never skipping a workout and eating clean yet not seeing the results they feel their efforts warrant? 

 The emotional and psychological self can undermine the physical self when not trained equally.  It is said that we can only achieve that which we believe and I passionately endorse this and live my life by this code.  Believing in who we are resides in the emotional and psychological self and is the inner fuel that feeds the physical self to grow and improve.  Finding the discipline to consistently go and train at the Gym is also pulled from this part of who we are.  I have found countless people are reluctant to exercise their “self-worth” muscles in fear it is both weak and vein and these are the people I work with.  I remind these individuals that looking inward and working on becoming stronger within takes courage and only achieved by the strong.  If you truly want to grow, improve and strengthen completely you need to perform regular “check-ups from the neck-up”.  Blame, anger, self-pity and avoidance are characteristics of the mentally weak, as well as self deprecation. 

 When we enter this World as newborn infants we have only love and hopeful optimism in our hearts.  The World around us and the life experiences contained within have yet to erode our hope and belief in who we are and what feel we can accomplish.  If only there was curriculum within the school systems to stimulate and strengthen self image and esteem we wouldn’t see so many unhappy adults.  This work is ours and ours alone and there is a wonderful empowerment to be gained in performing the work.  You have already demonstrated that you are a person of discipline and action by walking your talk at the Gym so you are half way there.  First you should smile and become excited because it’s easier then it seems as it is the one and only true area of total control you have in your Life. 

 We Human Beings love control and all too often seek it in every area outside of our attainment.  You can go to the Gym and lift 50 pounds only to be mocked by the person next to you who is lifting 100, you have no control over the level of maturity or decency that person extends to you; but you have 100% control over the reaction you give back.  Never losing sight of your being a total success each and every day you make the effort regardless of how far you progressed, focusing on that single step having propelled you ever forward.  So I applaud and encourage you to continue to fuel your body with clean foods and exercise your muscles with sweating at the Gym but don’t grow mentally lazy and ignore who you are while focused solely on what you do.  Be good to yourself, you are perfect because you are you and if this Planet lived on another 100 trillion years there will never be another you; if that doesn’t demonstrate your perfection I’m not sure what would.  God Bless.
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