Queens Of Lean...The Ladies Of ABFITT

(Mimi, Miami)


 Over the years ABFITT has featured some very special woman. These woman stand out. Having achieved success in being mom's, wives, Grandmother's and driven career oriented individuals. Passionate about life and their personal health and fitness. Today I am honored to once again visit these great gals and share with you these true examples of commitment, balance, drive, discipline and BAD ASS bodies!!

(Janet Lee, Alabama)

 Mother of seven & AbFitt favorite Janet "No excuses" Lee. (pictured right) her amazing work ethic and no nonsense approach to fitness, became an overnight favorite of AbFitt readers. Amazingly she has surpassed Trainer to the stars "Mark Twight" & the Internet darling "Chicken Tuna" as the most downloaded person from AbFitt, over 2500 hits to her picture in one week.

Hamburg Germany's, Latina Wanda


(Melanie Townsend South Carolina)

 Melanie Townsend, age 45, (pictured right) "I’ve always been kind of active with tennis, rollerblading, and running. Never lifted weights. I mean I played around with some 5 and 10 lb dumbbells, but that was it. I only started lifting heavy in June 2010".
" I had gained some weight last year, I was up to 155 lbs, which at 5’9” isn’t that bad, but I decided to lose 20 lbs by June, when my husband and I were going on a cruise to the Bahamas. I accomplished this, and just kept feeling better. My husband lifts weights, and he was always trying to get me to lift heavy, but I wasn’t sure it was for me..now I know that it is, I’ve never felt better in my life, FULL of energy. I feel better than I did at my age, than I did at 25, AND I look better! (No kidding!)"

(Kim Seymour, PA)

Trishann Green

Kim Seymour, (pictured left) 32 year old professional, spends 5 to 6 days per week in the gym. Kim prepares her food in advance and supplements to support her training and her bodies needs. Kim believes in split training as well as full body routines. "You have to keep your body guessing so you keep your body changing".

(Sandy Urland, PA)

 Working out has always been a part of my life. I don't ever want to be fat and out of shape...it's one of my biggest fears but I do like my sweets and this is how I can enjoy them and not feel so guilty.

Working out makes me feel good, wakes me up in the morning, keeps me strong and tone, keeps me younger and healthier. There is nothing bad about it.

I work out at home because it's convenient, inexpensive and I can do it on my time and not have to worry about driving anywhere. The key to working out at home though is variety. I have all kinds of workout videos/dvds from kickboxing, pilates, weight training, step aeorbics, dance, and cardio plus I run on a treadmill and ride bike (indoor and out). I sometimes do 10-15 minutes of each that way I don't get bored. I workout for at least 60-90 minutes 5 times a week. I used to work out 7 days a week but that was when all I believed in was cardio. Over time I have learned that you must weight train also. It's good for your muscles and helps you burn fat faster! My husband used to always tell me this and I would never listen to him but then I started reading Women's Health Magazines and found out that he was right!

 Guest writer & model PK Fitnessforlife.
45 year old Facebook Sensation & inspiration to many, spreading her daily dose of self worth, kindness towards others and achieving personal empowerment through health/fitness of both body and mind. ABFITT would like to introduce you to Kimmie PK Fitnessforlife.
Mother to her 8 year old Little Boy & lifelong resident of Western Massachusetts, upon overcoming an abusive marriage (6 years ago) sought personal empowerment in the gym and developing a personal mental conditioning strategy that is offered to clients through her PK Fitnessforlife program

Nancy Reinhardt, Atlanta GA 
(Julie Mertz Fry)