Jr Welterweight Prospect, Chris Algieri Talks With ABFITT

  Rising star and undefeated junior welterweight boxing prospect Chris Algieri (16-0, 7 KOs). The 29-year-old is the former ISKA world welterweight and WKA world super welterweight kickboxing champion ( PROFESSIONAL KICKBOXING RECORD- 13-0, 6 KOs ). He is coming off a 10 round, NBC televised win over Jose Peralta Alejo on Feb. 23 at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, N.Y.

 ABFITT: Congratulations on your first nationally televised fight, what has the weeks following your win been like? What has the response been like ? Any immediate discussion of your next fight?

 Chris Algieri: Thank you. The response has been very positive. It was an exciting fight to watch and it was contested at a highly technical level. I have had several people tell me that they were not boxing fans until they saw this fight. Next fight is in the works-nothing definite yet but will be announcing soon. I was in the gym a couple days after the fight so I am ready.

 ABFITT: Boxing unfortunately is still lagging behind other sports when it comes to the science behind nutrition/supplementing/strength training. Do you feel your background in health care management and  clinical nutrition give's you an edge when your in and out of training camp?

Chris Algieri: Everyone asked me how I was able to average over 100 punches a round and threw a fight high 135 punches in the final round of a fast paced fight-I would have to say part of the reason is lifestyle in and out of camp. I have been studying the human body and human performance for years. That being said, I know my body and I know when to give it rest and when to push it to the max.

 ABFITT:  What weight do you walk around at and do you have a structured eating plan?

Chris Algieri: I dont walk around much higher than my ring weight. I stay very lean between fights and in fact I eat the same after fights as i do in camp- I just eat less when I dont have a fight scheduled. I am a professional athlete and my sport has no off season.

 ABFITT: You remind me of Paul Spadafora skill wise. You are currently ranked 21st in the USA and Paul is I think 17th. Style's make fights and I think that fight would be a chess match. Your thoughts? (ABFITT playing match maker).....

Chris Algieri: Spadafora is a hell of a technician and I  appreciate the comparison. I like technical boxing and when you have two guys in a ring thinking, boxing is a beautiful thing. I feel i am a lot more physical than spadafora and my athleticism and conditioning will
Give anyone in the division a problem.

 ABFITT: Chris with the tremendous popularity of MMA and your kick boxing background did you give going that direction any thought?

Chris Algieri: No. Never seriously considered it actually. Its not a sport I grew up
Watching with aspirations of competing in. Boxing is where my heart is at and where my passion lies. I cant do a dangerous  sport  like kickboxing, boxing , or MMA without passion. I do miss wrestling (I was All NY State in HS) and would like to get involved again after boxing.

 ABFITT: So whats next for Chris Algirei? Can you give us some insight into what direction you would like to see your boxing career move in.

Chris Algieri: I want to keep moving, keep learning and keep building. I need more TV dates and keep putting on impressive performances. I am getting better every fight and think in the next year to 18 months a title is in my future.

ABFITT: Best boxing memory thus far in your career? Best sparring session?

Chris Algieri: Best memory is when hall of famer Mike "The Body Snatcher" McCallum called me a "bad man" after a sparring session in Tocco's gym in vegas (  http://www.jtboxing.com/  ) a few years ago. I was star struck when he came up to me. That was so cool.

As for sparring sessions I cant decide on one particular session but have worked with some real studs like Marcos Maidana, Saul Alvarez, Brandon Rios, Ajose Olusegun, Luis Collazo, Vivian Harris, to name a few.

 ABFITT: Chris thanks for taking the time to chat with ABFITT, anything you would like to add?

Chris Algeiri: Thank you! And to all the fans check out my facebook Twitter and of course, chrisalgieri.com for more info and for upcoming fights! Be sure to make a stop at MyCompetitiveLife.com as well- soon to be your premier source for health, fitness and human performance information on the web!