Officer Eric Temarantz Taking His Fitness To The Next Level.

Eric Temarantz performing chain chest dips. Eric is beginning week four of my H.I.G.T "SSS" program.

(High Intensity Group Training) (Summer sacrifice shred) Don't let the catchy name fool you, this is a complete lifestyle overhaul & a fresh approach to taking one's personal fitness to the next level.


Goal: Drastically reduce BF %, Increase lean muscle tissue, improve Vo2 Max, overall functional fitness. In line with building a symmetrical aesthetically proportionate physique.* Note: Boxing training improves speed, reflexes, hand eye coordination.


Tools: H.I.G.T training method, six weeks split into two micro-cycles. Full body & push/pull. BoX / FiT heavy bag and rope routines. Treadmill mountain climbs & 15's.

Fuel: A prescribed nutritional & supplement plan based on Eric's body mass index, basic metabolic rate and work output determine's Eric's daily caloric needs and the required macro ratio breakdown based on his specific goal. Nutritional and supplement timing is used again based on Eric's goal and work schedule. 


Keep posted for updates and final progress pics.
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