Get Your Day Started Right with These 5 Rich/Fit Fit Tips.

1.  Try to perform cardio first thing in the morning for maximum fat burn. Eight hrs of fasting during sleep leave little to no carbs to burn for energy, this causes the body to turn to fat stores for energy. If you keep it to an intense 20 min session lean muscle tissue will not be sacrificed.

2. Make sure your first meal of the day is high in protein and a slow digesting complex carb. I start my day with a whey protein shake with a bunch of added ingredients to get my metabolism cranked and my body the fuel it needs to prepare for the day ahead.

3. Plan your workout in advance, you have to have a game plan in order to reach any fitness goal. Never go to the gym without a clear intention. Visualize each exercise each set each rep. If you see it in your head first you will be amazed at your performance in the gym.

4. Mix it up in the gym, do new exercises, change reps and sets everyday. Look for a beginner the initial stress of weight training will cause changes but for more experienced trainers ya got get creative. Remember the body responds to change in order to adapt.

I divide my training month into four phases.. WEEK 1) Full body super sets- 3 sets of 3 continuous exercises for each muscle group performed. WEEK 2) alternate upper body/ lower body supers sets. WEEK 3) single body part high volume heavy weight and week 4) Push pull super sets. I train abs everyday for 15 min straight multiple exercise circuit with heavy resistance.

5. Your post workout meal is essential 50 grams protein and some simple carb source, this my friends is your chance to shine. Feed your body the nutrition it needs for growth