Eric Temarantz, Completes six weeks of "SSS".

 Week six progress picture of  Eric Temarantz after completing my six meek H.I.G.T "SSS" program. (High Intensity Group Training) The (Summer sacrifice shred)!!

  Eric weighed in this morning at a ripped 165lbs and as evident from this progress picture has significantly reduced his overall BF %. and has increased lean muscle tissue. Some insight to the past six weeks as follows:

Goal: Drastically reduce BF %, Increase lean muscle tissue, improve Vo2 Max, overall functional fitness. In line with building a symmetrical aesthetically proportionate physique.* Note: Boxing training improves speed, reflexes, hand eye coordination.


Tools: H.I.G.T training method, six weeks split into two micro-cycles. Full body & push/pull. BoX/FiT heavy bag and rope routines. Treadmill mountain climbs & 15's. This all translates into a ton of work!!

Fuel: A prescribed nutritional & supplement plan based on Eric's body mass index, basic metabolic rate and work output determines Eric's daily caloric needs and the required macro ratio breakdown based on his specific goal. Nutritional and supplement timing is used again based on Eric's goal and work schedule. 


Conclusion: On a personal note as evident here on the pages of ABFITT, over the years I have worked with and volunteered my time to numerous individuals. Too many to mention. It is without hesitation I can tell you Eric was one of if not the most disciplined and hardest working individual I have ever trained. Once I learned of his work ethic and commitment to the program I pushed Eric harder then most and not surprisingly he responded by training even harder. I look forward to the months to come and the results that will surely continue for Eric. It's been a pleasure. Live fit, be fit!