Sonny Brown On His Road To The WBFF Calgary, Alberta – June 29th

  An intimate look into Australia's rising fitness star as he prepares to take on North America and the worlds fittest physiques in the fitness industry at the WBFF Calgary, Alberta fitness show. Sonny has teamed up with ABFITT and in partnership with Sonny Brown fitness, to provide the readers of ABFITT an inside look into his personal journey with a daily diary.

Coming off  the male fitness people's choice award and placing 4th in muscle model division at the 2013 Asian Pacific. Check back daily for Sonny's updates.

Sonny Brown: June 11, 2013- Good morning guys! What a huge last week. I spent yesterday just how I would any other day. I was up at roughly 4.30 coffee in hand reading all your positive, supportive and kind comments. I was getting ready to go back to my favorite place: GYM. I slept for 3 hours and was up doing what I love in the dark by myself like any other day. TRAINING. The basis of me. Not for the glory, not to be cool but because I love lifting. Period!! Physical, mental stimulation without the worries of life. As my day went on I started to digest the competition and all it was. 

      I won the people's choice award. For me that is better than any other trophy on this planet. All I have ever wanted to do is spread the word of fitness and positivity. I guess matching that with my best conditioning/look to date puts me in a spot to help more people. To let you know that you can change anything you want in your life. 

     So again to anyone out there who voted for me who believed in me. Thank you. I don't forget this sort of stuff I'm a loyal guy I'm straight forward, I give respect we're its due. You have all put me in this place, you have all watched my journey. No magic powders, pills, or bullshit. Hard work, dedication and respect for others can take you anywhere you want! SB