Sonny Brown On His Road To The WBFF Calgary, Alberta – June 29th (Update)

(Follow Aussie Sonny Brown with his training diary leading up to the WBFF Calgary, Alberta June 29TH)

Good morning fellow fitness lovers!! Thought I would check in and let you know how it's all coming along. I'm off to America in 4 days which means I will start my "dialing in" process. 

The basis of the process is to bring the skin a little tighter and start to fill my muscles out a bit more. I'm on a flight for 14 hours which is going to be very interesting for the conditioning but I have some methods in place to get off the plane at 110%. I'm excited to share the next 2 weeks with you all as I shoot with the worlds best then finally step on stage at the WBFF. 

The videos seem to be going great. Lets do another one! I'm thinking analog on keeping conditioning on long flights, glycogen depletion workouts and my methods to reach America in the best shape of my life. Simply like and I'll get the process going for you guys. Happy Saturday to you. SB 

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