Athlete Spotlight: NPC Competitor Andrea Gritz

Introducing sensational NPC & NGA Athlete Andrea Gritz

ABFITT: What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with fitness and figure.

Andrea: I have played sports since I was 4, from cheerleading to soccer, softball, gymnastics, field hockey and marine corps fitness..and coed touch football. It was the football that prompted me to fitness and physique competitions oddly. I have always been a trainer; however began as a speed/agility coach ten years ago. At that time, my workouts and diet were geared for sports, not shows. Unfortunately, I tore my left acl for a second time (I was landed on in a coed football league game), and soon after lost health insurance. As a result, my workouts shifted from athletic performance to more traditional lifting and aesthetic development of my physique. I was a strong girl, and with eastern European genetics. I got tired of being asked to arm wrestle by strangers and told I looked "thick" and like a powerlifter. I wanted to look like a delicate lil lady, not a "scary" girl. So...I cut out my carbs..and just made it a lifestyle, which placed me about 5 weeks out from stage ..year round.

ABFITT: Can you discuss your competition background and results.

Andrea: My first show was the NGA Natural Philly, May 4, 2013. I was the only competitor and naturally a little disappointed. I decided to jump into the NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Show May 11, 2013 with hopes of having other women in my division. I ended up winning the overall..and then was hooked. Throughout the summer I competed in NGA NJ - 1st Place Womens Physique, INBF Hercules, 2nd Place Ms. Fitbody, NPC NJ State Championships 1st Place Womens Physique, and OCB Battle of the Belt 1st Place BB and Physique (earned BB pro card for OCB).

ABFITT: What is your diet, nutrition and supplementation like during contest prep?

Andrea: I joke that I have the most unorthodox and relaxed prep of anyone I know. I do not write anything down, not have set meals, or peak weak sodium/carb load. I stay low carb year round, but tons of greens!!!!!!!! Similar to KETO but I consume more greens and a little less fats than standard keto prep. I do not use powders for the last 3 weeks, nor anything with sucralose. I use either hydroxycut or oxyelite or PS VANISH for my cutting, and stick to all whitefish or Low sodium tuna 5to 6 times a day my final 3 weeks. Oddly, I put cinnamon on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish, asparagus, cinnamon, garlic, apple cider vinegar....and almond butter and even dark chocolate are staples!

ABFITT: What is your training style? What is your training like?

Andrea: I do 6 days a week of cardio year round and prep..not more than 40 minutes per day. I HATE CARDIO!! I swear by the stairmill to maintain leg mass..if I jog, my glutes disappear:( I train leg up to 3times per week and back twice as well. I rarely isolate Bis and Tris, and I never touch my calves. Pullups, pushups and jump rope seem to work well for those areas without the isolation exercises until 2 final weeks.

ABFITT: Any future competitions planned?

Andrea: Hoping for one more in November 2013, NPC East Coast or Easterns...and see how they go!!

ABFITT: How do you keep motivated and find the discipline required to reach your goals?

Andrea: After my first show, I was hooked. My shows have been the best part of my year thus far. It is a feeling that is hard to surpass. it is fun, challenging and the people I have met are amazing!!!! It is an adrenaline rush that makes the work worth while. AND I LOVE the routines!!! I try to combine fitness routines with bb posing, and be somewhat different than traditional physique and bb routines. Kai Greene is my favorite poser. My first and favorite routine I made by mixing GANGNAM style and Eye of the tiger together!

ABFITT: Thank you for taking the time to discuss your fitness, continued success...

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