Spotlight - Local NPC & USBF Athlete Hope Taylor Q&A

Intro: Hope Taylor National Physique Committee 3 time Overall Bikini Champion talks with ABFITT about her recent success, training and the future.

"I have my procard in the USBF and I can say that I'm a NPC 3x Overall Bikini Champ all in 10months. I love it"
- Hope Taylor

ABFITT: Wow you have been a busy girl these past ten months coming off your recent overall win at the NPC event Brandywine. You have certainly made a name for yourself as of late here in Northeast PA. However, for the readers of ABFITT who may not be familiar with you can you give us some background and talk about your recent contests and results.

Hope Taylor: Thank you for your kind words! Yes, it’s been a very rewarding year with a lot of hard work and blessings throughout my journey. My first NPC show was this past May at the PA Lehigh Valley Championships. I took 2nd in my Class. It was a tough first show! I learned a lot going through a big show with about 40 bikini competitors.

Immediately follow the show I got back into the gym, keep my head down and found myself working harder than I ever have. My goal was to simply improve my overall conditioning and worked on tweaking my presentation for a September show.

Early August I took a chance and did the NPC PA STATE and PA Classic to see if I could get everything down prep wise for the NPC Brandywine Cup in September. It turns out it all worked out! I got first in my class and won the overall for both shows. It was a complete shock and everyone there knew it! My head was spinning after that second sword!

Then, I had another four weeks until the next show. I kept doing everything I did the prior 4 weeks with a goal to come in even more conditioned and pushed even harder to bring the best package I could! I was blessed with another 1st in my class and overall win at the NPC Brandywine Cup.  

ABFITT: What got you in the gym and what has kept you there? Why the decision to start doing the Bikini class?

Hope Taylor: Oh man so much has kept me going, but initially what got me there was trying to find the balance I knew I was missing. I started training in 2009. After a few years of learning how to eat better and making small gains here and there I knew something was missing. I sought out nutritional guidance and some personal training sessions to bridge the gap at the end of 2012. (Photo credits: RX Muscle &

In efforts to push myself harder I set goals to compete! I’m naturally a leaner girl and need to grow into shows and this division has allowed me to do that. I’ve come a long way in the last year, but I have a lot of room for improvement.   

What’s kept me in the gym and on stage is the want for me to be my personal best inside and out. I’m a huge believer that your physical and mental health works together. Living a healthy lifestyle increases your focus, endorphins, energy and self-confidence. Most importantly, it allows me to set a positive example for my daughter!

ABFITT: Talk about your preparation for a show both your philosophy on training & nutrition. Doing shows so close together like the PA State Championship in August then the Brandywine in September must have presented some challenges for you and your prep.

Hope Taylor: Contest diet I follow low carbohydrate and use fats as an energy source. I eat one gram of protein per Lb. of body weight. In order to grow or improve diet is such a key factor. I plan/prep my meals so that I can’t fail in that arena. I lift 5 days a week, training one body part a week with a specialized day for hams and glutes. I also incorporate cardio EOD. My overall conditioning is most important part of my presentation. I want to come in balanced, well-conditioned and better each and every time I compete.

Yes, that was a little tricky for me to do those shows close together. It wasn’t too hard to peak in September as I had 4 weeks in between. However, I tried to do the same for the Big Cat two weeks later in October, but my body was telling me enough is enough. I got to enjoy the show as a spectator instead. Hopefully, I can do that show next year. I encourage competitors to really pay close attention to themselves and if they aren’t able to show up even better don’t be afraid take a break.

ABFITT: After three overall wins what’s next for Hope Taylor?

Hope Taylor: It’s time to grow! I am looking forward to competing in Gary Udit’s Pittsburgh Pro/Am show in May 2014. I have other friends that I’ve competed with in the past that are coming up to do the show as well. It’s going to be amazing to have about 9 of us there. It’s a beautiful forum and a bigger show than I’ve competed in the past. I’d love to come over to your state and compete in Team Universe as well. Until then I’m training hard and planning on bringing a better package in 2014.

ABFITT: What advice would you give woman looking to compete in the NPC Bikini division?

Hope Taylor: Ask yourself how it could impact you to commit to something so rewarding in various facets of your life! Do it for yourself, your family, your friends…. Impact the lives of others and show them what a healthy lifestyle can do for you and help them get there too! It’s honestly just as rewarding for me to give to others the tools they need to succeed and support them as much as it is for me to succeed.

ABFITT: So tell us about your entry in the MET-Rx® Magazine Cover Contest (see link below for Hope's entry) and how can fans vote for you.

Hope Taylor: I use the Met-Rx meal replacement throughout contest prep and during my off-season. I love the original vanilla. Since I’m such a fan of their product I was thrill to learn from my good friend Art Griffith that they were having this cover contest for Met-Rx.

If you click the link below you read more about my story, view a video about a typical weekend workout and vote for me! You can vote once a day until this Saturday October 14th. If you could also share it with your friends I would appreciate that too. There is a link to post it on your Facebook page. I’m looking for the opportunity to inspire others and to share my experience with those who need that extra push to put one foot in front of the other to go after their own dreams and desires!

ABFITT: Hope thanks for taking the time to chat with ABFITT, before we say goodbye can you tell the readers of ABFITT how they can follow you or keep an eye out for your contest results.

Hope Taylor: Sure, you can find me on Facebook at and my Instagram is  @SHIZZLEMDIZZLE

Thank you ABFITT for the opportunity to talk with you and your followers! You did a phenomenal job at the NPC PA Classic and we are all routing for your future success as well!

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