Group training Part 2...Time to do work

Now remember, this is one whole workout, this is not broken up. I recommend doing this every other day if you are an advanced trainer or very experienced in other forms of weight and cardio exercises. If you are new to training and fitness in general, twice a week at your own pace will do. With this type of training, your cardiovascular system is taxed and you are killing two birds with one stone. So those days of pounding the treadmill are over. See, it is impossible to train separate muscle groups in different sessions. You work one muscle group- the others come into play. Any movement requires a collective effort on the body's muscular system. Yes, you can isolate to a degree, however breaking up muscle groups gives writers in fitness magazines something every month to write about. Read anything by Dr. Fred C. Hatfield and you will quickly understand.

Back to the routine! GROUP 4..Bicep + triceps + finishing off chest and shoulders. 3 sets
Standing bicep one arm cable curl ( 55 pds 12 reps ) Triceps press down ( 150 pds pyramid up with each set to 200 ) dips ( body weight 15-20 reps. push ups ( 25 reps each set hand positioning becomes more challenging )

GROUP 5...legs + back (Note: this is very challenging and for the experienced only) 3 sets..Barbell squat (225 pds 4-10 reps ) pull up (10 15 reps ) standing one leg dumbbell lunge ( 45pound plate 6-10 rep each leg )

GROUP 6... Legs + back 3 sets..Bent over barbell rows (135 8-10 reps ) stiff legged dead lift (135 up to 225 pds 8-10 reps ) dumbbell squat press (40 pds 6-10 reps). DONE! Remember what makes this routine work is there is no rest, I repeat no rest between exercises. Each group is performed in a super set fashion.
By training in this fashion you accomplish two very important goals when it come to changing your body composition. You recruit maximum amount of muscle fibers by doing the super set. More fiber breakdown = bigger stronger muscles. You put tremendous stress on your respiratory system, = burn more calories increased cardiovascular capability. The huge amount of stress you put on your body doing this workout forces your body to do the only thing it can. Build a more efficient metabolism (calories burned at rest) and build a stronger more muscular physique to combat the stress you will be putting on it.
It is not rocket science and it works. People will choose not to do it for two reasons. It's HARD + very CHALLENGING. These are the reasons I do it. Fitness has two points: beginning and continue. Any questions you have feel free to ask. Good luck.

Healthfully yours
Richard R. Seymour