group training

During the past few years I have been preaching a new concept of training. What I like to call group training. See, the body shortly adapts to a training program and results come to a grinding halt. This is not new news to most. For experienced trainers you need to amp it up, and many just don't know how.
Forced to explore new training methods in 2003 due to the remote locations I was working fighting forest fires with Carson helicopters, getting to the gym was not a possibility. What I came up with that summer was remarkable. I leaned up, got stronger, and my overall fitness greatly improved. I came home and modified the workout cranked up the intensity a bit and have stuck it out four years now. The results blow traditional training methods away and I will never return to the average Joe school of fitness.
The idea behind group training is to create maximum intensity during each set, each rep, and each exercise. Sound tough? It is! To recruit as many muscle fibers as possible to in turn break down and build a leaner stronger body. Many books and magazine touch on this type of training, however crucial segments are always left out. *1. Intensity*2. weight in a pyramid fashion*3. three to four exercises in a super set fashion with no rest.*5. Most crucial is the order you train the muscle groups.
Back to basics....Larger muscle groups burn more calories and recruit more muscle fibers to do the work. So I am going to put out my routine to the letter- this is how it's done in this order. Now remember this is just the workout, many more factors go into a fit body and lifestyle such as rest, supplementation, the foods you put in your body, mental focus, and intensity.

group 1....chest and shoulders. chest being the focus muscle, shoulders being secondary. 3 sets of flat dumbbell press ( 75 pds 8-10 reps ) seated dumbbell one arm alternate raise (30 pds 6 reps each arm ) standing dumbbell side raise *remember these exercises are with no rest in between (30 pds 6 reps ) standing dumbbell upright rows ( 30 pds 6reps)
GROUP 2...... Shoulders and chest with shoulders being the focus muscle and chest being secondary. 3 sets of seated smith machine military press ( 135 pds 10-12 reps ) smith machine incline press ( 135 pds 10-12 reps ) into shoulder shrugs (two 45 pd plates one in each hand 15-20 reps ) seated shoulder super set of front side and bent over raises with two ( ten pound plates one in each hand 6-10 reps )

Group 3..... Biceps and triceps, finish chest and shoulders. Biceps and triceps are both focus group with heavy weight used with triceps movements due to triceps making up 3/4 of the arm. 3 sets of standing barbell curl ( pyramid up in weight each set ...95..105...115.. 6-12 reps ) triceps kick back ( 25..30..35 pds 6 10 reps ) incline fingertip push ups ( 25 reps )