Ab training

How to get abs? This question you the readers of AbFitt continue to ask most often. Ab training has been on your mind lately. So let me see if I can help.

In order to get abs, and get great abdominals you need to first lower your body fat. That way, you'll reduce the belly fat covering your ab muscles, because most likely you already have a six-pack and it’s just hiding underneath your belly fat!

Abdominal exercises do not burn fat. Which means you have to lose your stomach fat in order to begin to see the definition and cuts your looking for. Remember abs also play a huge part in every exercise you do, so you have to work them the same as any other body part. Sit ups are not going to get it done! So start by...

Eating clean and lean!
Strength training!

You need to do cardio on a consistent basis. Not all forms of cardio workouts are created equal, and if you do cardio the wrong way. Or, for too long. it may hinder your results, So be careful! I prefer short bursts oppose to long steady state cardio. Science tells us this is the way to unlock the door to burning fat. Short intense bursts of cardio.IE: sprints, skipping rope, heavy bag work...circuit weight training.

I tell anyone & everyone that will listen to me rant on about it that the best way to burn stomach fat quick with is by doing interval training. My H.I.G.T is about as automatic as it gets, however its not without paying a big price in commitment and work, hard work!Its gonna cost you & your gonna pay...with the fat around your mid section.

Another key is targeting your abdominal muscles with a variety of ab exercises. So, once you reduce the fat covering your abdominals, you’ll have a defined and toned midsection!

With that being said though, you can’t just do your ab exercises in any old way. One of the biggest reasons why people can’t get better results on their abs is because their ab exercise techniques are wrong. A direct result of getting bad ab workout tips from the wrong people!

You can have all the best abs exercises in the world, spend thousands on fancy workout equipment, or hire expensive personal trainers--even hiring “celebrity” fitness trainers. You can also workout until you’re totally spent and blue in the face...

So I will make it simple for you. Again, Crunches & sit ups don't build your abs. Weighted exercises build abs that stand out, that pop! So remember treat your abs like any other muscle group.Hit em hard with weighted exercises, eat good foods & get some intense cardio training in. Your on your way.