You say goal, I say lifestyle.

At AbFitt, the routine goes something like this. "Uh yea, my goal is to put on some muscle & lean up" or " my long term goal is to get ripped, but my short term goal is to build my abs" and on and on. Nothing wrong with that right? Hey if setting goals is your way to achieve the body you are after then by all means…

I simply reply to all these questions with a very simple and short answer. Make fitness and all the things that go along with it "your lifestyle" not a goal you write down.

I don't set goals, I don’t diet, I don't write down my exercises, I don’t keep a journal, I don’t socialize in the gym, I don't count calories. I have never been over weight, I have never missed gym time regardless of what life has thrown at me ( US Army, Pro boxing, School, working in Africa, family Etc..) I simply live a fitness lifestyle…like paying a bill I just do it. I love it, I live for the hard work & in return I am rewarded with results, rewarded with 9% body fat, lean muscle, endurance that is ungodly & the ability to step in the ring with any fighter and perform on a professional level. (BoxRec)

I am certainly not special and at times it’s not always easy, but it is a lifestyle I choose to live and love. Try focusing less and goals and focus more on loving all the benefits of living this lifestyle & before you know it you'll have the body you have always dreamed of. I keep myself going believing no one trains harder & no one goes as heavy & intensely, now reality is that probably isn’t true, but my point is I believe it….can you do the same…………Yes you can, now go get it!!

Richard- Abfitt