A myth shattered

The most popular myth among boxers and trainers alike is that weight training is counter productive and some seem to think you will lose mobility and become muscle bound; nothing could be further from the truth. Research has shown that a properly designed program can increase range of motion as well as speed and power. Muscular endurance and strength are both improved through weight training therefore you should find time for a good weight training routine; you will thank me on fight night! It is important to remember that you must train in a manner that is specific to boxing (we are not body builders), slow weight training is not the best way to train. As I said earlier, boxing is mostly anaerobic in nature therefore our training should reflect this.

During anaerobic work, involving maximum effort, the body is working so hard that the demands for oxygen and fuel exceed the rate of supply and the muscles have to rely on the stored reserves of fuel. For boxers this creates an oxygen debt that we must pay back between rounds. Looking at this it is clear to see that lifting weights at a faster pace like with my H.I.G.T ( High intensity group training ) described throughout the pages of AbFitt, is the most effective way to train, but it is not the only way. Every 4 to 6 weeks it would be a good idea to change the routine slightly. We can also work on explosive strength to get us ready for fighting entire rounds with explosive speed and power.