Be strong – stay young

Stay Young
By making our body work harder through weight training we force it to grow stronger and stay younger. Muscle and connective tissue are our body’s supporting structure. As we age they deteriorate unless given regular stimulus. Studies have proven that regular and progressive weight training activates our body to repair and regenerate.

Burn Fat
Over time our muscle density declines and our metabolism falls, so we consume fewer calories and get fatter. By increasing our muscle mass we can raise our metabolism by up to 20%! Strength training not only burns calories but our body has to work harder to repair our muscle tissues even after our workout is finished.

Strong is Sexier
Becoming strong means not only feeling sexier but better sex. By being strong we feel more sexually attractive and our sexual confidence is improved in and out of the bedroom. Weight training also increases our sexual desire, performance and pleasure.

Feel Good Hormones
Strength training releases endorphins into our system which gives us a natural feeling of euphoria. It also counter acts stress and pain.

Improved Performance
Strength training improves our physical and mental performance. We improve our capacity to cope with the demands of our everyday life.

Live Healthier
Regular weight training improves our overall health and quality of life. It strengthens our immune system, increases our physical resilience, lowers blood pressure, elevates good cholesterol and lowers the likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Strength training is so powerful that the American Heart Association now recommends it for patients in cardiac rehabilitation programs.