"Twenty thing's you need to know about Harry Joe Yorgey"

"Twenty thing's you need to know about Harry Joe Yorgey"

Interview done October,25Th, 2009

1) What is the current mood of your training camp about two weeks away from fight night?

Yorgey: Extremely positive and upbeat. We are just about finished sparring so staying sharp and making weight are what we focus on from here on out.

2) Can you take us through a day of training.

Yorgey: Training can vary depending on the day and goals we set in the morning. Here is one of my typical routines:

3-5 mile distance run
gym training of either 3, 6, 18, or 24 minute straight rounds of each activity(shadow box, hit the mitts, speed bag, heavy bag)
strength & conditioning(flipping 400lb tires, sledge hammer seat-ups, speed push-ups, 1,000 punches in 3 minute rounds)

3) Boxing is guilty of hanging on to some out dated training routines, can you tell us if you incorporate any training that some would consider outside the traditional ways of preparing for a fight?

Yorgey: We hit the big tires with a 20 lb baseball bat to increase torque for both my wrists and punches.

4) Do you feel weight training has a part in boxing? Do you train with weights when preparing for a fight?

Yorgey: Yes. My camp focuses on high reps with all light weight. For example, we will do sets of 100 curls with 20lb weights or 100lbs on bench press at 21 reps with little or no rest in between sets when switching activity.

5) What is your impression of Alfredo Angulo? What do you think it takes to beat him?

Yorgey: He's tough fighter that tries to run guys out of ring with constant pressure. I just need to stick to the game plan, as keeping him turning. The keys for me are outboxing him and sticking to the body.

6) Heart or skill? Some fighters have a huge heart and lack skill like Jessie "james" Hughes. He had the heart of 3 men, Some fighters have plenty of skill but can't take a punch. What is more important in a fighter, heart or skill?

Yorgey: First of all, each and every fighter has heart to step into the ring. You can have all the guts in the world but skill will overtake that any day of the week. However, being in top physical shape can compensate for lack of skill and can lead to victory, as fighting consistently from round 1 until the end is critical.

7) Some boxing fans outside of PA may not realize how you give of yourself to the community (Forman mills event, children Baptist service & Joey Tomchick) Why is it important to you to give back to your community and individuals by making special appearances?

Yorgey: Even though I'm on TV fights and the fame is really picking up, I will never lose my desire to help others out, as that is what I'm all about. God has graced me with this talent, which has led to the opportunity to do just that. Its not all about making money, but rather using my talent as a platform to encourage others to make the right choices and always strive to make your dreams a reality. Boxing or not, I would still be helping people in some way, shape or form.

8) Your best punch?

Yorgey: Contrary to popular belief, its my jab. Its fast and hard and will be on display come Nov 7Th. I have knocked guys out using both hands with uppercuts and hooks, which makes it hard for folks to believe its my jab.

9) Describe your boxing style.

Yorgey: I'm definitely a boxer/puncher who is very smart inside the ring and can adapt to any style. I have been told that I'm like a trainer in the ring and that my boxing smarts are second to none.

10) Harry Joe Yorgey vs ?, would be your dream fight? Me personally, I would like to see you get a crack at sergio martinez.

Yorgey: It would be Oscar De La Hoya but he retired before I made my way to him. I only want to fight guys ranked top 10 in the world from here on out.

11) Tell us about the team you surround yourself with.

Yorgey: My camp consists of Jack and John Loew, John Hutter and my terrific cut-man Sid. They are all 100% committed to me both in and out of the gym. They have tons of experience and I feel really comfortable training with them.
Banner Promotions is also a huge part of my success over the past few years, as CEO Artie Pellulo is also personal friend of mine whom I share a great relationship. I wouldn't have it any other way, as this is third TV fight since signing with them, which gives me the opportunity to shine in the spotlight.

12) To this point in your career what was you toughest fight and what stands out to you about it?

Yorgey: Back in 2004, I fought a guy at the Blue Horizon who broke my jaw in two places in the first round. I couldn't even make a fist and had to slap my way to victory by dancing around and picking my spots. Just like back then, I still refuse to lose, as the warrior inside of me takes over in the ring during every fight.

13) Can you tell us who your sparring with in preparation for Alfred Angulo.

Yorgey: I have sparred with a variety of sparring partners with contrasting styles, including both veterans and younger guys. Our main focus is working on strategy with guys who fight just like him, coming forward and trying to will their way to victory.

14) Without giving too much away how do you deal with Alfred Angulo's stalking style? He reminds me a bit of Australian brawler Jeff Fenech, his defense is his offense and a tremendous punch out put.

Yorgey:I plan on neutralizing him with movement & and a steady dose of hard peppered jabs. I will do my best to show different angles and just adapt to the situation. Look, he's never fought me and never got hit by by me, so only time will tell what will happen. Without giving away my fight strategy, just know that I plan on landing several clean shots. It should be a great fight considering the clash of our styles.

15) Advice you would give young fighters?

Yorgey: Stay in the gym and only take 2 weeks off max after each fight. If and when you turn professional, be sure not not let somebody else run your career, as your the guy taking punches and getting in that ring. All decisions should be made together with your full team, and everyone should in agreement to do what is best for your career.

16) What does Harry do when not training?

Yorgey: I golf, coach youth football, train all types of fighters at the Renzo Gracie PA Academy in Hatfield. But most importantly, I spend time with family and kids.

17) As a huge dog lover myself and owner of two boxers and a pit bull terrier, I couldn't help notice on your web site your dog. American bulldog?

Yorgey: That was my dog Hagler, named after my favorite boxer, who died a few years ago. Since then, I had a Shepherd who died tragically but now I have a big old female Mastiff named Lexi. I love dogs and plan on getting another one soon.

18) Harry what's your weight between fights?

Yorgey: 168lbs

19) How is your weight 15 days out?

Yorgey: About 5-6 lbs higher at 159-160, but during camp we shed two pounds a week. I just started a new nutritional program called 8 weeks out, which focuses on muscle endurance, strength and conditioning. Its my first camp using it and my energy levels are at an all time high. I highly recommend checking it out.

20) Harry, tons of your fans are heading up to Hartford for this fight...any shout outs?

Yorgey: I am always happy and grateful to have the best fans in the world. The crowd in CT will sway towards me if there to see me, as was the case in TN during my Aug 2008 bout. I would like to send a big Thank-You to everyone, and rest assure that I will put 1000% into all my fights. My fans notoriously overtake the other fans in the arena, just like I overtake the opponent. Please continue to support and follow me on my website, HarryYorgey.net, as I love hearing feedback, interacting, and being visible in the community.

Harry the best of luck to you, your team and your family. Thanks for taking the time out.