Dirrell, and the new......

At the age of 25, Dirrell is a four year pro. A switch hitting, and naturally gifted left hander, Dirrell was an amateur standout and 2004 Olympic bronze medalist. Possessing exceptional athleticism and tremendous amateur experience, he is one of boxing's elite young prospects.

Dirrell has quieted critics who claim that he lacks fundamentals by incorporating new training methods and a strength and conditioning coach into his training camp.

In preparation for the Super Six World Boxing Classic, Dirrell has moved his training camp to a secluded area of Big Bear, Calif., instead of his native Flint, Mich. Dirrell is under the watchful eye of his grandfather and manager Leon Lawson, Sr. He is trained by Lawson and Leon Lawson, Jr.

In His Own Words"My heart is going 100 miles per hour. It is beating like hell. I have this tingling feeling. I had that same feeling at the Olympic Games each time I entered the ring. I know it is my time. It is my time to shine.

"I love being the underdog. I am going to be in the finals. I guarantee you I'll be there."

What's In it for DirrellWith Hollywood looks, an illuminating smile, and a magnetic personality, Dirrell has the stuff of a transcendental star. The Super Six is the perfect vehicle to establish him as such. But while en route, he'll have to prove he can overcome a challenging jump in class.