54 year old, mother of seven. Inspiration anyone!!

Guest AbFitt writer & model Janet Lee.

Just for women.......no excuses!
I've heard it all.
My age........I am...
My health......I have...
I've had kids....how many?
I could never.....why not?

I heard it all when I was thirty! Working out and being active have to be a lifestyle and a commitment.

In our 20's our body is strong. You can actually get away with abusing it.
By our 30's exercise become the #1 preventative medicine and fountain of youth.
The 40's for women bring a triple dose of reality - gravity, hormonal changes, and an even slower metabolism.
50's? The typical woman's body bears the signs of that lower metabolism -a pot belly and drooping everywhere!

Not a pretty site? I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way! Ever. The cardio and weight bearing exercises you do today, no matter what age you are, will produce the body you will have 10,20, 30 years from now. It affects your health , your longevity and how you look!

Okay. So, you look at me and say "How would she know?"

I am 54 and I have seven (yes, 7) biological children. I have been working out since my 20's.
I love what I do.
I recently had a gentleman ask me "Why do you put your body through such torture?" I laughed.
To me the torture would be looking and feeling like the typical 50 year old woman!

I supplement. I drink whey protein. I schedule my workouts as if they were my most important business appointments. I love split routines - legs one day, core another, upper body the next - so I can challenge myself in intensity every time I walk into the gym.

My favorite body part is abs. I love proving to women that you can have kids and still be sexy and muscular.

My question to ask all of you: " Did you have a kick-ass workout today?" Because if you didn't you cheated your body of that one day to become its very best.

Age is a Number, not an Excuse - my line. JLee