Things I wish I could have told my younger self!

The hardest part of training a woman is not getting her to do the work, but to get her to change her way of thinking when it comes to fitness, lifting weights, supplements and proper eating. So as with earlier this month with guest writer Janet Lee, 54 mother of seven and simply shredded I am again featuring a lovely lady that has got it right. Let me introduce AbFitt readers to Selina from "Jersey" my home State. I enjoyed one of her blogs so much I decided to re-print it. This lady has got it dialed in. Enjoy!!!

Like they say, hindsight is always 20-20. There are a few simple things I have learned that I wish I could have told myself when I was younger. (Even though I probably wouldn’t have listened). Although I must say I wouldn’t change much about where I am today, so I can’t completely bash the path I took to get here… even if it was the long road at times. I’m sure this list will just continue to grow throughout my life.

-Stop with all the cardio- it’s not the best way to "get in shape". What is left after you burn off all the fat and some of the muscle?-yuck- you don’t like that look.

-Pick up some weights…Don’t just pick up weights, pick up some MF-ing HEAVY weights- as heavy as possible.

-Just because you are in your 30’s doesn’t mean you have to accept the start of the aging process, or use it as an excuse. You can have a better physique than you did in your 20’s with hard work and proper nutrition. Don’t blame cellulite on your genetics, you can get rid of it.

-Get out of that f-ing tanning bed, and stop burning yourself!- put on some sunscreen for God-sakes.

-Put that vodka down and step away from the counter! Stop chugging it, 2-3 drinks are not better than 1 (no alcohol is better than 1) and you’ll thank me in the morning. Literally it is poison that your body has to work to detoxify. Full of empty calories- no better way to pack on fat and cellulite.

-Eat more- it speeds up your metabolism. Eat throughout the day, every 2-3h, instead of pigging out at night.

-Do you even know what a serving portion is?-Research and start measuring.

-Do you have any clue how many cals you take in or the breakdown of macro nutrients?- Start to count and log.

-Put down all that processed sh**, filled with trans-fats, sugar, and who know what else…. and eat some REAL food.

-PROTEIN!- Plus whey protein- it’s the key, and eat lots of it!

-Water- drink it and lots of it.

-Good fats don’t make you fat- quite the contrary.

-Caffeine is your friend

-Supplements- absolutely necessary for the body to repair from all that trauma.

-Throw out the scale and just look in the mirror!!!!…it’s not about a stupid number, it’s all about the body composition.

-Go workout after work- you’ll feel better and have more energy. Make it a routine and priority- there is nothing more important than taking care of yourself.

-Surround yourself with positive people with similar goals. Don’t listen to negativity or judgements….misery likes company.

-Research and learn from others, make changes and don’t be afraid of failure- learn from the mistakes you make, because you will make them.

-Guest AbFitt writer Selina