ASK ABFITT....How do you train your abs.

Rich Great site and thanks for keeping it free. I read you are almost 40, how do you keep your abs so defined? Can you also explain your abdominal workout? I am also in my forties and just want a good set of abs, your help is appreciated and keep up the good work.
Stan- Tacoma, WA

Thanks Stan and yes AbFitt will always be free! I earn my living as a helicopter engineer not from AbFitt. I have always believed fitness advice should be free because its just that, advice. so keep enjoying AbFitt. Now to your question. I train my abdominal region every day. The key is I separate the ab region into three sections and I will work them at the end of every workout for 10-20 minutes straight. Like I was explaining, the abdominal region is made up of three areas, upper/middle, lower/middle, side walls and seratus muscles ( Intercostals & Obliques).

I focus on one of these groups each workout for the 10-20 minutes. I normally do 4-6 exercises in a non stop super set circuit workout, I call it "the Ab war" where I do one set for an exercise and then move to the next exercise for one set and continue to move that way until I have done two sets for each of the exercises. I don't count reps, I simply train with heavy weight and I let my body dictate the rep range making sure I completely challenging the section I am working on. When you do this, you keep moving, no breaks just push through.Remember the average guy needs to get to around 9% body fat to see your six pack, so with that being said ya gotta keep your clean eating in check. Good luck.