Kickin off "2011" with focus & purpose.....

Goals!! I have heard people say no more than three goals should ever be on your list and another say that you should have 101 goals. Your goals our yours and you now have to go figure out the following.

How long will it take to complete this goal/outcome?
How important is this goal to me to complete?
What will happen if I do not achieve this goal?
What are the roadblocks that I can expect to have crop up because of my weaknesses in the past?
What will I get if I complete this, what is the reward?
Are there any goals that I should achieve first to get this one done?

These are big questions and are the questions that never get asked when we just jump at making a new years resolution. Answer these questions for each of your goals and don’t really belabor the questions or you will never get them done.

Best wishes & thanks for making AbFitt your choice for your best body ever!