Every day I am bombarded with the question from both AbFitt loyalists as well as people I meet on a daily basis..."What is the best pre workout drink". I mistakenly earlier this year wrote an article "2010 top pre workout drinks", not realizing so many people took it as gospel. Look guys these were just suggestions to an often over asked question. As AbFitt nears 1000,000 world wide readers ( looks like by weeks end we will have hit this mark) I realize I am doing you a disservice by not giving you the pre workout question's real answer.

Truth is supplement company's rarely come through on the promises posted on the package of your container of newly purchased preworkout powder or drink. These company's have all been struggling to convince you otherwise since the ban of ephedra based products. So look save your $42 no matter what the big guy in the gym tells you and start taking complete control of your pre work out kick n the ass. I mix my own, its cheaper and I know the ingredients are in the potion.

5 grams of BCAA
5 grams of creatine
2 grams of beta alanine
5 grams of taurine
5 grams of arginine
5 grams of glutamine
Mix with 12 oz of steeped green tea

Note: This is taken 30 min prior to my training, one hour prior to training I take 25 grams of whey protein.