ASK AbFitt....Lower abdominal water retention.

QUESTION: I am getting ready for a bodybuilding contest and I have always held water in my lower abdominal area. So I was just wondering if this would be taken care of with the proper peak weak nutrition. I thought about trying a peak week to drain all the subcutaneous water out, but thought I would just ask instead of wasting a week I could be building.

Garrett from Iowa

ANSWER: Here’s how I evaluate my clients to see what’s fat and what’s water: whatever your lower abs look like when you wake up first thing in the morning is FAT, not water. That’s because excess water has drained off during the night, leaving you with your baseline appearance so to speak with no water retention yet no dehydration. You need to look practically stage ready when you first wake up. Then you can use tweaking to fine-tune your body even more.