Armed & Dangerously Diced......All you need to know about arm training.

I am a big fan of push pull arm super set training. Here is an example of my weekly arm training. Be prepared for an all out assault on your bi's & tri's.

Four sets of each group.Rep ranges pyramid down IE: 15,12,10,8 as weight used for each set goes up.

1A) Under hand grip pull ups *Change grip placement with each set* Directly into -> 1B) Bench dips

2A) Standing EZ bar curl Directly into -> 2B) Seated french press

3A) Seated Alternate dumbbell curls Directly into -> 3B) Close grip bench press

4A) Standing Cable rope curl Directly into -> 4B) V bar press downs

5A) BURN/SLICE SET Smith machine low setting Pull ups with feet elevated off floor

Directly into -> Smith machine low setting close grip push ups.......

*Remember these all are performed in a super set fashion. 30 sec rest between sets. 1 minute rest between groups. Live Fit, Be Fit.........Rich