Rich Fit, Fit Tip / Leg Training, If Your Going Through Hell, Keep Going.

Hey don't neglect your legs!

Yes they may be covered for the majority of the year, but that doesn't mean that they should be left out of your exercise routine. Squats and dead-lifts work the entire body, and research has shown that they can activate the ab muscles far better than many traditional ab exercises, especially overhead squats. As you progressively train your lower body your core will become much stronger. Your core is required to stabilize your body in many other exercises, most sports, and day-to-day life, therefore your improvements in these areas should soar.

Your legs form the largest muscle group in the body and training with resistance weights will aid in the release of growth hormones. The benefit of stimulating a growth hormone response is important to bodybuilders and athletes as it has a positive effect on protein synthesis. It also promotes muscle growth and it affects the metabolic functions of your body in such a way that it can increase your use of stored fat while decreasing your use of carbohydrates for energy. So that's more muscle, less fat (therefore greater visibility of abs), greater strength, improvements in sport, and greater ability to do day to day activities...I still get puzzled when people say they never train legs...

Advanced leg day training routine / Quads/Hamstrings

Squats 5x20 15 10 10 10 super set with Lying Hamstring curls 5×10

Stiff Legged Dead lift 5×15 12 10 8 6 - super set with Leg extensions 5×15

Bench speed jumps ( jumping side to side over a bench, fast & high ) super set with 25lb plate squat vertical jumps 5x10

Supermans 5x10

Dumbell goblet squats 5x10

Points to remember
*Use reps in the 10-15 range to boost intensity.
*On occasion, use intensifying techniques like partials, supersets and rest-pause to push sets beyond full-rep failure.
* Accept pain as a necessary component of full-bore leg workout