For the next twenty eight days I will be keeping a journal of my training to help you better understand the concept of my high intensity group training routine ( H.I.G.T ) and it's five principles. I will not discuss weight or reps, I will only tell you I do not believe in light weight or high reps. Both I believe are ineffective for building lean muscle tissue and maximum fat burning. This is a simple journal to help guide you in your future training programs. Remember fitness is not about vanity or what you see in the mirror. Fitness is a lifestyle with tremendous benefits that will carry over both in your personal and professional life. H.I.G.T will enhance your physical and emotional health. When you are fit everything in your life will be easier.

Training schedule- 28 days until I return back to the USA. 3 days on. 1 off, 1 on, 1 off- start from day 1
Training duration- 45 min to 1 hr
Training location- Angola, Africa. Malongo gym ( western, coastal Africa )
Training goal- To improve every aspect of my fitness
Training weight- 165
Body fat percentage- 9%
Supplements- creatine, fast twitch, whey protein, fish oil, vit-c,
Food- four protein shakes per day, hard boiled eggs, tuna, chicken, fish

DAY ONE: Chest & biceps

Group 1* following warm up ( usually 5 min of skipping rope ) bench press going directly to seated alternate dumbbell curls. Four sets, max 30 seconds rest between sets.
Group 2* Incline barbell presses followed directly by standing barbell curls. Four sets, max 30 seconds rest between sets.
Group 3* Various angled incline push-ups, followed directly by chin-ups.Four sets, max 30 seconds rest between sets.
Total: 12 sets Followed by 15 min of intense skipping rope, 80% MHR ( my preferred method of cardio is heavy bag work and the rope ).

Note:I only train abs once a week, on day four the full body workout.