You have been doing everything right. following your H.I.G.T program,( for all newcomers it's, high intensity group training ) and it's five principles. Intensity, cardiovascular conditioning, sleep, supplementation and smart eating habits. Right? Sure you have.

Now let's deepen your supplementation knowledge. Nothing replaces whole foods, bottom line, as athletes we need good foods to repair damaged cells and muscle tissue and for growth. To get lean and fit, to build muscle ( to lose fat and keep it off forever, you have to build muscle, friends ) we have get high quality protein. So remember supplements are just that, they work along with the foods your eating to insure you are getting the nutrients you need. Here's a quick look at a few essential ones.

The most tested supplement on the planet, And yes it works. A must for anyone who trains with weights. 5gr 30 min before you train , directly after.

FAST TWITCH, pre workout drink-
Loaded with micro nutrients and muscle pumping No2. Just the right mix of caffeine for that needed kick. Sip 16 oz 45 min before you train.

A no brainer, full of heart healthy omega 3's, yet many still aren't aware of this magnificent heavyweight.

Supplement smartly