From the time my wife and I began dating we trained in the gym together. One of many common likes we shared was putting in some personal time pushing around some iron. Fitness has always been a priority in my life and I am fortunate to share this view with my wife. Our busy schedules and travel don't always allow for us to train together, however when we are apart we often check in on one another's progress.
We are by no means "gym rats". We do what we need to in order to live a lifestyle we feel is both healthy and satisfying, to us maintaining our fitness and making healthy choices in our eating habits has rewards worth working towards. When I am away I choose to workout on my own, I train in what many would consider an unorthodox way and many just can't keep up. At home it is a different story, my wife and I train together. Simply put..heavy and intensely, little rest and all business. She has conditioned herself to train, as I often brag "harder than most men do." We love it that way and I suppose this common goal we share has forged a deeper bond between us and has taught us to learn, work and encourage one another in our day to day lives.
My wife is my best friend and all though we have different interests and events that take place in our lives, it's great we can share this together. I am not one to give marriage advice, just let me say alot can be gained by making your significant other your training partner. It may be challenging at first for both of you, in the long run I really believe it will bring you closer and force you to learn more about yourself and her.