Jumping rope is a highly intense exercise, building both aerobic and anaerobic exercise capacity. If you turn the rope as fast as you can you will amp up your heart rate quickly, if you skip at a slower pace you will still be pushing harder than if you were running with a friend. Science has proven this is so, due to the concentration required to perform this skill and the lack of focus placed on the discomfort.
Skipping rope is a top form of cardio conditioning due to how quickly it will improve your fitness. You will develop fast powerful legs, improve balance and hand eye coordination. Most important, it burns fat. Fact: Skipping rope at a quick pace for 10 min will burn the same amount of calories as running for 30 min. Why do you think it has been part of boxing conditioning for decades? Because is works. Makes sense to perform this more challenging form of cardiovascular conditioning due to many ways you benefit.

Here's a description of a beginners rope workout. Remember always do your cardio after your weight training. After!! Never before.

15 sets of skipping for 1 minute intervals with one minute rest between sets.

build up to 3 minutes skipping quickly with 30 seconds of rest between 8 sets.

Experienced: 30 minutes at various speeds and rope maneuvers.

Have fun, enjoy the results.