Derrick's Dairy, H.I.G.T six week challenge! Week one.

Ok Abfitt readers…
Here is a short review how my first week went on the H.I.G.T training. I thought I was in pretty good shape to say the least as far as lifting weights cause that’s what I enjoy doing when I have time besides playing basketball. The first week doing H.I.G.T I was very sore and tired after the work out. Normally, when I lift weights I try to wait about 1 min to 1min and 30 secs after doing a set but my muscles weren’t used to the 30 seconds to 45 secs after 3 sets. I was out of breath for a min at the end of the workout on one day like I was doing cardio. I had to take a little bit more time to rest between sets but not too long. I really enjoy doing this workout because it’s something new and my body needs something different. I know how I want my body to look after these 6 weeks of what I call “SWEET TORTURE” because that’s what it is to me. I have tried just about every workout in the muscle magazines and from people on Body Space so I thought why not give this a try and see what this workout can do for my body. This is a challenge I must say but I m going to stay with it.
I find it very hard to eat six meals a day if you aren’t really used to it. I surprised myself on the first week because this is the first time I have eaten clean the whole week. My diet basically consisted of skinless chicken breast, eggs, protein shake, brown rice, broccoli, fish, steak, fruits and mix vegetables. I will keep you updated on how week 2 went for me. If you have any questions feel free to email me at