RichFit/ My training week


Day #1 Chest, abs, - Boxing ( Heavy bag work, 5 rounds 3 min each )

Day #2 Back, abs-

Day #3 Shoulders, abs - Skip rope 6 rounds, 3 min each. 30 sec rest between rounds

Day #4 Arms,abs - Boxing training ( sparring, mitt work, speed & reflex bag ) 45 min

Day #5 Legs, Abs - Heavy bag work ( see above )

Day #6 H.I.G.T high intensity group training ( full body, heavy & fast little to no rest between sets )* I earn my planned day off - hike with the dogs at the lake.

Day #7- Planned day off, at nearly 40, my body needs a day to rest & recoup. However we take the dogs to the mountains to run the trails in the AM.

Note: I do not do calve training. I have been up on my toes boxing since age 9. I skip rope more than most walk. The explosive power of a boxers punch starts in the calve muscles, so I feel I am good. My calves are worked during squats and other heavy leg exercises. In fact I find it funny when I see people on the calve machines, LOL. With all the things that can be done & need doing in and out of the gym, they still have time to sit on that F@#!%#! calve machine!