Protein,1 gram per pound of body weight to maintain. 1.5 gram to Grow!

It may be unpleasant ot have to eat 6-7 meals a day but it’s also necessary.. there simply is no substitute for the anabolic drive obtained from a whole-food meal that’s high in protein and consumed at the right time. Protein shakes also play an important role in helping a trainer get all the protein he needs every day (at least a gram per pound of body-weight daily), because they make it easier to do this.

Whole foods are best for most meals, but protein shakes are preferred for a couple of your daily meals. These include pre- and postworkout meals, which are ideal times for a protein shake with simple carbs (about 40 g of protein with 50-100 g of carbs); late-night low-calorie high-protein meals; and when you’re in a crunch and can’t spend time preparing or eating solid food. Protein shakes should have a part in your total bodybuilding nutrition picture, but learn to use them appropriately.