Janet Lee talks back to AbFitt readers....

Over 3 dozen questions came in after 55 year old mother of seven Janet Lee's post "Excuses", was run here on AbFitt a few weeks back. Her take charge of your life & health attitude touched a nerve with our readers. AbFitt decided to ask Janet to give her response's to some of the more frequently asked questions of her...

Readers Questions:
1) Gordon, South Africa- Janet how many times do you eat per day and what types of foods are you eating? Do you take whey protein? Thanks.

2} Christine, San Diego CA- Janet you are an inspiration, how many times a week to you workout? Does it matter what time of day or how many times a week I train?

3) Natasha, Key West FL- How do you get abs like that at 54 & after seven kids? What do you do to train your abs & how often?

4) Ben, Sydney Australia- Wow are you single, LOL. What type of training aids do you use? Do you take vitamins or supplements?

5) Luke, Jersey City NJ- What types of exercises do you recommend my wife do to get lean & shapely like you?

6) Kylie, Tacoma WA- What is your secret to such beautiful skin tone? ( this question was asked 5 times )

7) Yardena, Israel- Can you please give a sample meal, like what you have for breakfast.

8) Bruce, Portland Maine- Have you ever thought of training clients or giving motivational speeches about fitness and proper eating for older adults. You are inspiring to me and many others I have showed your AbFitt article too. Thanks Janet hope you will write again. (This seemed to be the feeling from many of the readers that took the time to email the site, they want you back! )

Answers to the "responses" we received from my post on Abfitt about "EXCUSES"..............

Gordon, South Africa: I probably eat at least six small meals a day. I love oatmeal and yogurt! Go figure. Fruits and vegetables with chicken or fish. I make sure to take Whey protein at least twice a day.

Christine, San Diego, Ca : I love split routines! I try to concentrate on one body part each work out. Some are so intense that I have to take a day off, but usually if I do legs, core, chest , arms , etc. on separate days. I work out five to six days. To really give your body an intense work out, you need to work out that muscle group to "failure"- where you can't push out even one more rep - no matter how much / little weight. If you are doing this consistently then you will see results. I love mornings but a lot of the guys I work out with swear by that "after work" thing~

Natasha, Key West Fl: Abs like this? The seven kids thing is immaterial. The hard work to develop them would be the same no matter what. I use weighted crunches (sitting on a bench) I sometimes do 200, but always start at your own level. I also do weighted side bends and leg raises. I work abs every other day. At the beginning you will be sore, so be patient. Alot of controversy about the "weighted" thing when you do abs, but it works for me. So my suggestion is to give it a try and see if you like the results.

Ben, Sydney Australia: Yes, Ben , I am. ;) Training aids, I am not sure if you mean equipment or something else. I actually use free weights, cables and machines - depending on the place I am working out and what body part. As far as supplements, I take creatine and whey. And cytolean as a fat burner twice a day. But I have always taken vitamins since I was in my 20's, so I also think that plays a big part too.

Luke, Jersey City NJ: First of all I suggest your wife have a complete physical, then join a local YMCA or gym of her choice. What size is she now? Diet can mean healthy eating for muscle or it can mean that and losing weight. Protein is mandatory. Whey is the best supplement for added protein without all the fuss.
So nutrition is as big a part as exercise. If she needs to lose too, cardio would need to be added . At least 30 minutes a day. I usually go easy on cardio on days I do legs.
Exercise? I would start with two or three exorcises for each body part. i.e. leg extensions, leg curls, basic squats or lunges, calf raises.(legs) Use weight that is challenging, but where she can do 6 to 8 reps and four to six sets. As she progresses, the weight will too. She will become more defined.

Kyle, Tacoma WA: Skin tone? I think is genetic, sometimes. Diet and vitamins! moisturizing daily ( I use a hemp body moisturizer religiously). I do not avoid the sun completely. I grew up in the generation of sun worshipers. But, I am cautious. I think the vitamin D we get from sun exposure is a healthy flip-side that we can't overlook.

Yardena, Israel: I wish I could say that I eat "exotic stuff".........but, I am a plain Jane where diet is concerned! I love fruits and vegetables - whatever is in season. Yogurt, oatmeal, chicken, salmon (omega 3's) , rice and new potatoes. I don' t do red meat, but that is just by choice. I do cook in olive oil often.
I use Whey for added protein.

Bruce, Portland Maine: Yes, I would love to give motivational speeches ! I am working on my personal trainer's certification now and I am very interested in helping others live a healthier, happier life - beyond the years that society tells us that we have to be "healthy, sexy, active, etc." That is Bull----. Every older adult deserves a chance to physically do anything that they are capable of trying to do! Age or size has nothing to do with it! Diet, supplementation, exercise............these are your keys to being active , healthy and looking like a "million bucks"! So, to answer your question Bruce - "When would you like for me to come and speak with you and your friends?" ha.