learn to punch like a fighter, not a pro baseball player!

Baseball player wanting to be a fighter, Nyjer Morgan embarrassed both himself and his team with acting the fool on National TV on Wednesday night, worse yet Njjer Morgan has no idea how to punch or even hit his target. Hey Nyjer If you realy want to be a fighter give me a call, I will gladly take you to front st gym in philly for some lessons.....

How to throw a straight right hand.

Steps for real fighters.......

1. Stand in your traditional boxing stance. If you normally hold your left hand low, you will want to bring it up so that you have a guard when you throw the straight right.

2. Push hard off your back foot and twist your hips and shoulders so that they face the opponent.
3. At the same time throw your right fist towards your opponents' face in a straight line
4. At the point of full extension, snap your fist back to your chin and your body back to your stance in anticipation of a counterpunch.
5. This punch is fast, and have snap.