Janet Lee Kicks off "Average Joe & Jill week".

I couldn't think of a better person to kick off AbFitt's focus on local gym athletes from around the country, back by popular demand 55 year old mother of seven & AbFitt favorite Janet " No excuses" Lee.
Janet, her amazing work ethic and no nonsense approach to fitness, became an overnight favorite of AbFitt readers. Amazingly she has surpassed Trainer to the stars "Mark Twight" & the Internet darling "Chicken Tuna" as the most downloaded person from AbFitt, over 2500 hits to her picture in one week...WOW. Janet will now Graciously accept E mails from readers eager to get her insight. Thanks Janet!
This week Enjoy some one on one personal interviews from people just like you, who have made the commitment to life long health & fitness. Read what they have to say about training, nutrition & supplementation. I hope you are inspired just as I am by these amazing individuals. Enjoy!

Editor of AbFitt

But First.....Janet Lee-

Intensity? As we age do we no longer have the ability to focus on the physical intensity it takes to create or maintain a youthful physique?

I , for one, say "yes"! We are the same ones who put in hours upon hours to complete or struggle through college "on a dime". We are the same ones who supported children , sometimes "not so grateful children", till they could finally walk out the door self -sufficient. It's that tenacity that fuels our physical intensity.

Starting, no matter what age, is sometimes the most difficult part. How to find time, energy, etc.? I am a morning person and would much rather get up before daylight to watch the sunrise as I knock out another "set of 20 reps"! Years ago that was when I ran my hardest miles and then later chose to use those morning hours to "rock babies"!
If you are meeting your nutritional needs, supplementing, and using creatine and whey - energy shouldn't be a major concern. Now channeling that energy into blocks of time for your physical advancement is the key.
Intensity , form and dedication. These are what unite us in this quest . Heavier weight and lifting to failure, adequate rest and feeding "your muscles" - one day at a time, every work-out.
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Have a kick-ass workout for me today? Age is number, not an excuse. jlee